Anal Beads
Uncontrollable Pleasure
Over, and Over, And Over again

" Learn how to use anal bead
to multiple your anal experience

Anal beads will give you jolt of sensual energy
every time each bead is pulled out "

Anal beads in it's simplest form are nothing but few metal or plastic balls tied together with a string.

You put the well lubricated beads in the anus, one by one. Then as you reach an orgasm, you, or your partner, pulls the anal beads out one by one.

The great sensation comes from when the anal beads slip through the rectum one at the time. The rectum opens and closes with every bead as you experience the most mind blowing orgasm.

Anal beads are especially great as male sex toys because not only will the anal beads stimulate the rectum, they will also rub against the prostate, one at the time. This might cause you to have multiple orgasm for minutes.

You can either enjoy the anal beads alone when you masturbate or in a sexual intercourse with your partner.

Few things to keep in mind...

  • Make sure to use a lot of lubrication.
  • Alwasy make sure your anal beads don't have any edges
  • Check the string for strength every time
  • Choosing too cheap of a anal beads is not a good idea

If the anal beads are made of plastic it might have edges from when it was molded. Make sure you go over the anal beads when you get them and if needed sand any edges down.

If you have metal anal beads you don't have the same problem...

The string that connects the anal beads has to be strong. You don't want to risk having it brake, causing you an embarrassing trip to the hospital.

Check the string for strength every time you use your anal beads because it might wear down when you clean it.

My favorite anal beads

I always use anal beads made of one piece of vinyl, silicone, rubber or jelly. You can be sure they wont brake apart, and are also way easier to clean.

Those one piece anal beads often come with vibrator contribute for even more stimulation.

This is one of the most fantastic male sex toys I have used. When you reach the climax and start pulling the anal beads out, it is like waves of great electronic currents hit you when each anal bead slips out.

You can be sure this is a feeling unlike anything you ever experienced before. You can find my favorite anal beads here...





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